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We love living in Laverstock (a village in Wiltshire just outside Salisbury) and so do the wildlife. Many of the animals, birds and insects we know and love are facing major challenges which are often described as a 'bio-diversity crisis'. This group has been created to share pictures and videos of some of the wildlife we have seen and tips on what we can do to help support them. We also have a Facebook Group which is the easiest place for you to join the conversation and share your spots and snaps. We will take the best pictures from the group and add them here on themed pages with information about what you can do to make a difference to wildlife which is struggling.

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This website will be divided up by species. We are only just beginning to build this website and we need your help! We have started with two small mammals we have been working to help at St Andrews church but we want this to be a website for the whole village. If you have go pictures or stories of Laverstock Wildlife, or tips for how to look after them, please submit them joining the conversation on our Facebook Group or by emailing us.

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Hedgehogs are now classified as vulnerable to extinction in the UK, but they can still be found in our village. Go to our page with pictures, tips and videos.

There are at least five species of bats active in Laverstock. Click on the link above to go to our bats page and find out more.

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Making up about 90% of all animal species it is unsurprising that insects are well represented in the village. The insect page is home to our sightings and some fun facts.


You'll find all sorts of creatures on this page for those great spots. From spiders to slow worms, deer to squirrels the one thing they have in common is they don't belong on any of the other pages.

We've had some great pictures sent in of the wild plant life in the village and so we created this page.